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Turn the bible loose, it will defend itself

In describing God's word Charles Spurgeon once said "Defend the Bible? I would just as soon defend a lion. Just turn the Bible loose. It will defend itself."

The bible is the main weapon we have in contending for the faith.

For centuries, there have been skeptics and those hostile to the word of God that have done all they can to undermine and even destroy the bible. Their efforts continually fall short.

Tony Campolo was a preacher who also taught in a secular college. One day when he’d finished the lecture, a student stood and said: "Doctor, you seem like a reasonable man. How can you with your sophistication really believe the Bible?"

He replied, "It's easy. I decided to. And, I have to explain; once I decided to that I believe in it, I spent the next 35 years of my life accumulating arguments to support what I already believed. But reason only came in afterwards. It only supported what I'd already committed myself to.

Now before you get nasty with me (he said to the student) I have got to ask you a question. Why don't you believe the Bible? Isn't it because you've decided to? Please, don't tell me you've read it from cover to cover. Spare me that. And don't give me that jazz that it's full of contradictions. Because you can't name 5 (and they never can).

This is the thing: somewhere along the line, you decided not to believe and after you decided not to believe you've been accumulating ideas to support your commitment to non-belief.

That kid looked at Campolo and said: "You don't understand. For me to believe in God, I have to have a God that I can understand."

Campolo replied, "God refuses to be that small!"